Wild Roots

Wild Roots are here to take one for the team and take away any stresses that come with being a plant parent!
You’ve got three options:
1. Interior Plant Designs – We can come and visit you; Check out your space, see what’s suitable, and draw up some designs! As fun or as simple as you like! We will then supply, install, and offer to come back to keep them happy!

2. Maintenance; Let us do the tricky bit, keeping your new additions green, alive, and content! We offer a routine maintenance service whereby we will care, feed, and give some strong words of wisdom to your new plants!

3. Bespoke Event Greenery Installations – You might be in the middle of organising a chaotic event; we will make a cup of tea and be ready to listen! We offer bespoke installations for all occasions. This can just be from supplying incredible green palms in sustainable eye-catching pots to add atmosphere or to create backdrops or supplying you with bespoke succulents for your baby shower!

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