Meet Titanium Flower

Discover the World of Artistic Jewellery at the new store Titanium Flower.

Are you in search of exquisite, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that showcase craftsmanship, inspiration, and artistry? Look no further than the Titanium Flower store and studio on Kingland Crescent, Poole.

Co-owner and artists Alan Wright has an impressive 40 years of experience, but he’s not just a jeweller! He’s an artist, designer, and goldsmith. His passion for creating stunning jewellery, sculptures, and pictures is evident in every piece he crafts. Drawing inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement, mathematics, and the elegant Japanese aesthetic, Alan’s creations are a harmonious blend of beauty and precision.

From gold to palladium, silver to bronze, titanium to ebony, his materials are as diverse as his inspirations, promising a collection that caters to every taste.

Alan’s journey as a jeweller began at the prestigious Central School of Art & Design in London, where he specialized in jewellery and earned a first-class honours degree. His exceptional talent earned him the coveted ‘Student of the Year’ award for his degree exhibition.

Over the years, Alan’s talent has been recognized and sought after, with his jewellery being showcased at esteemed establishments like Liberty & Co and Electrum. He is also a Freeman of The Goldsmiths’ Company and the City of London, a testament to his dedication and expertise.

So, if you seek art that goes beyond the ordinary, Titanium Flower is a must-visit store. Drop by and immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled beauty and creativity.